Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our lovely Fall Break

I joke with my friends that my family never goes anywhere besides Utah.   The truth is that we love going home and will use any excuse to see our families.  Fall break was no exception.  Besides, we had a baby to bless and really wanted family around to make it special.

We blessed #4 on a Saturday at the home of my in-laws.  Almost all of Spouse's family attended and many from mine did too.  It is a blessing to feel love and support! After the blessing we broke out the ice cream and had a build-your-own-sundae party. 

#3, cousin "Jophes" and #2 digging into some of the toppings.

Cinderella baby.  In the commotion of being passed around, she lost a shoe!

My sister in law and my dad swapped back surgery nightmares.

My sweet MIL holding #4



Spouse flew home on Monday and the children and I stayed the week to enjoy a real Autumn.  I know I say it every year, but isn't October glorious?

#3 finding apples in Grandma's yard

One afternoon my mother in law hosted a "Mysterious Pumpkin" party for some of the cousins.  She had fancy dresses for the girls and mysterious capes for the boys and they were all given aliases like, Miss Golden Beauty, Mrs White  and Colonel Mustard.  Then the hunt was on, looking for clues as to where the pumpkin might be hiding.

Mrs White and Miss Golden Beauty

Another day my mother took us to Tooele to visit my grandmother and then onto Provo for a fun afternoon at Hee Haw Farm with cousins.  My lovely grandma is warm and welcoming and I was pleased to introduce her to #4.

At Hee Haw Farm we basked in a golden October afternoon enjoying hayrides, pony rides, a corn maze, petting baby pigs and bunnies and getting lost in a vast tub of corn.

This was an authentic hay ride. No bales of hay to sit on or wooden benches.  Just a bunch of loose hay on a flat bed trailer, pulled by an old farm tractor.  The kids loved it but I was sure the thing was going to fall apart.

#1 loves creatures of all kinds and spent the most time in the petting coral, feeding the goats, sheep and little pigs.

With love, from one ham lover to another.

They don't call it Hee Haw Farm for nothing!

Buster giggled while these little bunnies sucked on his fingers.  He even put up with a little nibbling!

Can you believe all this corn?  Want to guess how much corn we found afterwards in pants, shoes and jackets and various body parts?  Let me just tell you, there was corn in the unmentionables!

I'll let #2 sum up our Fall Break, "I had so much fun, I almost forgot about school!"

For those of you concerned about my mental health, considering that I single-handedly flew home with four children, I survived.  #4 is blessedly a mild tempered and easy baby and we had no diaper emergencies, so overall it was a success.