Sunday, September 30, 2007


#2 got busted today in Nursery at church. Kicked out! For fighting and bullying. There is another boy in his class who is a year older, but much smaller, and pesters #2 relentlessly. #2 is not exactly advanced in the speech department and is unable to intellectually keep up with his classmate's tricky, teasing. So he pushes him over. I'm torn between the sympathy I feel for my speech-delayed two year old, who must feel so frustrated by not being able to say "Give it back" and the fear that #2 will grow up to be a hoodlum, getting kicked out of school, becoming a "bad boy." My mom assures me that this will not happen.

Any advice floating around out there in the blogisphere? How do I teach my good natured, high energy, extremely strong for his age, speech delayed son not to hit?

10oz Bundle of Defiance

Baby survives. This is another story of absolute wonder.

Friday, September 28, 2007

cupcakes and quiche

#1 made dinner last night. Thank goodness, because I didn't know what I was going to make. But #1 volunteered and she actually did 90% of the work. She chose recipes from her kids-meal-prize cookbook: cupcakes and mini cheese quiches. The recipes were written out in picture form, so she could actually "read" the recipes. It was so cute to watch her cook and feel so responsible. #1 has a very limited pallet and I'm sure if I had made quiche for dinner she would have turned her nose up at it. However, because she was the chef, she ate every bite, even if it was with a bit of disgust. I have to give the girl credit, she didn't complain once. Maybe I should have her cook more often.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

officially fat

#3 is officially fat.  Yesterday at her four month check up we discovered that she tops the charts in both height and weight, 106% and 103% respectively.  But as least she's not getting a big head over it (only 85th percentile).  I love my babies big, just like their momma.

millions of peaches, peaches for me

Last night I picked up my order of UTAH peaches, the absolute best in the world. The house is fragrant with the sweet, nectary smell of those fuzzy gems. Today I'll be gorging myself and making peach baby food. I got this idea of homemade baby food from my sister-in-law and the more I read the more I like the idea. It's so nutritious and much cheaper. My freezer is looking pretty with neat little bags (frozen in one ounce ice cube trays) of applesauce and green beans. I'm not a very thrifty person, so this baby food making venture is making me feel very clever.

This morning is glorious. The windows and doors are thrown open wide and the fresh, cool air is reminding me that we finally have 6 months of exceptional weather ahead of us. This is the first morning when I haven't come back from my run totally dripping with sweat. I can tell its going to be a good day.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jesus is a witch

Don't you think its a little tacky to serve funeral potatoes at a funeral?

(Funeral Potatoes are those bizarrely yummy potato casserole dishes made with tons of fatty stuff like cream of chicken soup, sour cream, butter, cheese.)

A couple of days ago this is what I watched #2 accomplish over and over again during lunch

That THING that is balancing in his nose is part of #1's Pollyworld set. #2 has made it his sword, and I guess nose adornment. He is fascinated with the possibilities of what his nose can hold. Other objects that have been stuffed into that orifice: huge nerfy bits that he chewed out of his football, many flavors of jelly bellies, (the obvious) peas and corn, several Polly Pocket pieces..... And the funny thing is that his nostrils are tiny. So in order to extract whatever lucky object is waiting inside, it is necessary for his nose to practically give birth, stretching to out of normal proportions.

Today #1 asked me if the Tooth Fairy is real. Unwilling to actually lie to her, I asked her what she thought. She first answered No, she can't be real. But then a look of horror flashed and her eyes grew big; she must have just connected the dots. If the Tooth Fairy isn't real, then the Easter Bunny can't be real and then......horror, panic......Santa Claus? She immediately changed her mind, Mom, I decided that the Tooth Fairy is real. This is the girl, who in her 4 year old logic concluded that Jesus is a witch.

No funny stories about #3 today. Just a terrible, mean, horrible little clip (that is also funny in a cruel, cruel way:

Ok, now that you must be thinking how horrible I am, let me please explain. I have just begun introducing rice cereal to #3 and on this day, she was very hungry and the cereal just wasn't going in fast enough. She had just let out a very different, begging sort of cry, one I'd never heard before and I really wanted to capture it. However, she never replicated the sound and after 30 seconds the poor girl had had enough so I turned the camera off. I promise I feed her and that she's happy. She didn't get to be nearly 16 lbs by starving!

One more random thought before I turn in for the night. 10-12 Sour Gummy Lifesaver can really clear up your sinuses. I'm breathing better right now than I have all day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Warning: This one isn't funny

Lucky Me

Maybe this isn't the best forum out there to emote.  But I just have to acknowledge how lucky I am.  I've never had trouble getting pregnant, I've never miscarried, and all my babies have been born healthy and have stayed healthy.  My heart goes out to the women who have had their hearts broken and their dreams dashed.  I could have so easily been one of them. Today I've been making preparations to help with a funeral at our church; a new baby passed away. I don't know the mother at all, but I know she didn't deserve this tragedy just as I don't deserve the sweet lives that surround me.  Life is so precious.  To all the women out there who are suffering, my prayers are with you.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Five hours of ME!

Today my friend watched baby #1 and baby#2 for me for 5 hours!  It was better than Christmas. In my excitement I woke up early, got us all ready and stalled until it finally turned 9:30 so I could drop them off. Then as I pulled away, with only baby #3,  a giddy feeling of euphoria fell over me.  I could do anything!  Be anything!  For 5 hours, just me! (pretty much - baby #3 is only four months and as easy as pie) So with this precious time just for ME I managed to buy ballet shoes for #1, return a pair of gaucho length pants at ATL (they make my calves look huge - anyone else?), get decorations for the baby shower I'm giving in two days, get #3's pictures taken (despite the devastating puke she spewed all over her new, clean, ironed, cute outfit WITH matching bow) grocery shop for the shower I'm giving in two days, and take MYSELF out to Jason's Deli so I could enjoy a quiet meal by MYSELF.  (Ten years ago I wouldn't ever have eaten out alone.)  Once we all were home I had to pay homage to the clean house that I know is in here somewhere.  Well, enough about me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I've been tagged

5 Things:

you were doing 5 years ago
Reading the James Harriet books
Expecting baby #1
Applying for student loans
Celebrating the sale of our 1st house
Watching the first season of American Idol

on your list today
get baby #1 on waiting list for Alhambra Traditional school, testing is in March
laundry, a work in progress
register for Cactus Cha Cha, 5k trail run
make appointment for baby #3's pictures
send b-day card to littlest sister, turning 20 and making me feel ancient

you'll never wear again
Flannel shirts

bad habits
picking zits 
spending money

songs you know the lyrics to (besides primary songs)
Hashpipe, Weezer
Brown Haired Handsome Man, Nina Simone
Heartbreaker, Pat Benatar
The Joker, Steve Miller Band

people you tag (I don't think know five people with blogs)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

1st Prize for JL

I hereby award myself the grand prize for posing.  Two weeks ago the blogging world was revealed to me and I've spent too many hours following links and reading blogs written by perfect strangers.  It's strange that I'm so interested in the lives of entities such as Focus Jennie, Hollywood Flakes and The Haphazard Life.  I guess I'm a voyeur.  Now I'm writing my own blog and that makes me the biggest POSER ever.   I don't have much to write about, nothing interesting to anyone other than me and maybe a few family members.  I'm not particularly talented or accomplished.  To find those things you'll have to visit Oh Happy Day or Design Mom.  But to give myself credit, I'm not the dumbest or the smelliest.  I've got three (yes, three.... I can't believe it myself) little ones and a handsome high-school-sweetheart-now-husband.  We live in an obscure little city in the suburbs of The Valley of the Sun.  

Well, I guess that's it for my blog debut.  I can't tell you how self conscious I feel sending this off into the internet abyss.