Friday, April 26, 2013

Big month for #4

April has been a month of change for the littlest miss. Her crawling speed doubled, opening up a new world of adventures. Like hiding and keeping quiet while mom combs the house calling for her. The smile and laughing that ensue when she's found are almost worth the momentary fear that she's hidden somewhere chewing on an electric cord or choking on a rouge Lego.

She pulls herself up to standing and walks along the edge of furniture and toys. She's getting better and better at the dismounts and has only had one big forehead bruise so far.

For over a month she's been doing all her sleeping in the quiet darkness of my closet. This arrangement is great for her sleep but horrible for the cleanliness of my room! It seems like I can never go in my closet so the clothes and shoes are just piling up.

#4 has reached a new level of interaction and communication; the kids fight over who gets to play with her first after school. But her favorite is #1. #1 can make her smile and laugh like no one else. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she also changes diapers and makes bottles and can put the babe to bed. Ahhh, the joy of having an older sibling!

Here's to another month of growth and change!

Blustery afternoon

It's a very windy afternoon and while I was distracted with older children's homework and piano this little elf was busy making her own kite out of construction paper, curling ribbon and tape. I heard a little voice singing her heart out in our front yard and came to investigate. This is what I found:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Best

Before you scroll through these (what looks to me like) pictures of perfect children, know that this weekend they fought, messed up the house and complained just like all kids do. 

But when I see these pictures my heart swells with love for their brilliant, good spirits.  My heart aches with hope for the world because of the light and joy that these children bring.

The gifts they've been given can do so much to build up and bless God's children.  #3's compassion, #2's innate joy, #1's earnestness and #4's strength.... So much power! 

Their potentials humble me and I feel the weight of my stewardship: to help them recognize their gifts and teach them how to use their gifts to serve God. 

Which brings me to Easter.  Its through the grace of Jesus Christ, this enabling power, that I have any hope of not failing my family.  All my diligence, all my strength, all my efforts aren't enough. I can't do it alone. But through grace I'm granted the strength, patience, and wisdom that I wouldn't otherwise possess.  If I allow it, Christ's grace will make up for my shortcomings, my failures, my foolish pride.  Its wonderful! I love Easter.