Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pre Christmas life

I remember the years when December seemed like the longest month of the year. Christmas Day was always too far away! Now, there just aren't enough days in the month to get everything done and enjoy the season to my full satisfaction. 

Some of my favorites from this December: 

Watching #2 sing his little heart out at his chorus Christmas concert. 

Attending #1's first bass recital. Her first lesson of the semester ended with #1 in tears of frustration. But after months of hard work, she played her pieces beautifully. 

#3 tried out a cheer class this fall and her parent performance was a lot of fun to watch. Whatever she may lack in coordination or rhythm she makes up for in personality and spirit. I just wanted to squeeze her the whole time! 

The Nutcracker Ballet at Symphony Hall with #3. This used to be my tradition with #1, but I figured it was time to pass the torch. The second picture was taken just after the performance and #3 is still a little sad for Clara who woke up without her prince. 

What would Christmas be without the Mesa Temple Lights? If we had known we were going to end up at the temple that night, perhaps I would have done my hair or forced my kids into better clothes. But maybe that's why it was a great night for everyone.  Sometimes planning is overrated. 

Lastly, #3 is my little spirit of Christmas present. She has decorated our home with nativity scenes she's drawn. She is the one that begs me to read her Christmas stories every night and the one who will come sit with me at the piano and sing along to all the Christmas songs. Christmastime is one of the big payouts of motherhood and #3's Christmas spirit is my big Christmas bonus.