Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sometimes we get dressed up.

Easter is one of those days.

An Easter gift for all my curious readers: today I'm displaying my growing belly. Ta-da.

Today #1 wrote me a letter and hid it on my bed. The letter expressed her love for me and then directed me to pages 55-56 of the Ensign, admonishing me to truly forgive Dad for breaking my nicest baking pan while he was doing the dishes. She's concerned for my soul.

I know three children that tried egg-salad sandwiches for the first time today. I know three children who hated them.

Deep thoughts from #1: Is the Easter Bunny real? Wait, don't answer that, mom.

For the first time in his life, #2 was the first one dressed and ready for church today. It's an Easter Miracle! (Or maybe it's because I told the kids they couldn't look for their eggs until they were dressed for church.)

#3 decided that she loved her Easter dress, even though it wasn't pink. She got a lop-earred bunny Webkinz from her Grandma and named him Hoppi.

Verdict: Clip on ties are awesome. Why haven't we tried them before?

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

recently overheard

There were a few notable statements made this week that must be documented for purposes of bringing a smile to your face and mine:


#2: Mom, when are we going to diarrhea the eggs?


While topless (dressing for bed) and pointing to her chest, #3: Do boys have these pimples too?


#1 has been playing Words With Friends (a Scrabble type game, for all you people living under a rock) from her ipod with various friends. From time to time she'll update me on her progress, telling me how much she's ahead or behind. Sometimes she isn't familiar with a word her opponent has played so she'll ask me about it.

One morning before school #1 came skipping into my bathroom:

#1 (exuberantly): Mom! I just played a** for 15 points!!

me (stunned): Huh?

#1: Is a** even a word? Isn't it like a donkey or something?

me: Uh. Yea. That's one meaning for the word. The scriptures use the word a** to describe a donkey. But, I'm just going to warn you that there's another meaning for that word and its usually considered to be a swear word.

#1's face fell and went white. #1 (in disbelief and shock, whispered): I wrote a swear word?

me: Don't worry about it. You didn't know it was a swear word and I know Heavenly Father understands.

#1: I can't believe I wrote a swear word! I feel sick.

before her swearing days

Happy Weekend!