Friday, December 26, 2008

With Their Eyes All Aglow

For Spouse and I, our joy at Christmas comes from the smiles and excitement in our children; hearing them tell the nativity story in their own words; listening to them talk of Santa when they think they can't be heard.

Our Christmas was happy and fulfilling. Here's some of the action:

Christmas Eve party with friends, complete with pinata.

#2 giving it a crack

White elephant gift exchange. Here is the lucky recipient of my goofy offering.

Just before bed on Christmas Eve. Judging by their faces in this picture you would have thought the children would have had trouble sleeping. Actually they conked out quite fast. The days of laying awake all night haven't arrived yet. Did you do that?

Christmas morning galore! #3 and her "beebee"

Argh matey! #2's pirate ship was a pleaser.

Does #1 look disappointed to you? She was though she never confessed it. You see that doll next to her stocking? Well, Santa couldn't afford the real American Girl doll, so he found a very nice generic brand hoping she wouldn't notice. She did. Here's the kicker: later she opened a real American Girl doll from her Grandma. Ahhh! Foiled again. Point: Grandma J

#3 fell in love with this kitten at her cousin's house at Thanksgiving. Point: JLJ & Spouse.

#2 was so polite and restrained opening his gifts this year. A far cry from last year's performance!

#1 mastering her Leapster game.

Son, don't you think you're a little too big for that chair?

Christmas Feast!

This is how we all felt after dinner. "I ate tooo muuuuch."

Me and the Spouse

Woo hoo! New jammies! Check out those Spiderman wings.

And goodnight.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Rest Assured

Never fear, concerned readers. Since my last post I've gotten my act together (a little bit). And just to prove I haven't been holed up in bed, eating peanut butter balls and shirking responsibilities I've included a few pictures.

Little rat spazzing out at our ward party.

It's uncanny how many people have stopped us lately to say that #2 looks just like Ralphy. Not so much in this picture with the fake nose.

#1 at her ballet recital. She was heartbreakingly lovely, grown up and graceful.

Ralphy was a blur during the recital.

#1 and I braving the crotchety ushers to see the student matinee of Ballet Arizona's The Nutcracker.

Nothing like lights at the temple to get your kids hyped up. This is a direct quote from one of the 6 year olds, "Oh look at baby Jesus! He is so cute! Mary is so cute!"

And so you see, I've been out and about. Now, don't press your luck. But if you're really, really good I may just out-do myself and post another entry before the end of the year.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kentucky Fried Santa

I really do love Christmas.  But this year I seem to be in a funk.  Maybe it's the economy and the financial insecurities I feel.  (Anyone else out there FREAKING OUT?!?) Or maybe it's the pull of my primal instincts to store fat and conserve energy in the winter that is leaving me sluggish. And, no, I'm not pregnant.  Whatever the reason, the effects are noticeable:

It's the 12th and no Christmas cards have been sent.  (or written)

It's the 12th and no gifts have been wrapped or shipped.

House is a mess. 

I go to bed by 9:30 every night. 

Falling behind in every responsibility.

Gaining weight.

Yesterday I attempted to break out of my funk and do something different, some may call it brave. Some may turn their nose up at the white-trashiness of it all. (I would, believe me).  Four o'clock found me waiting in a chaotic line to see Santa (and get a free picture) with all three of the children at Fry's (grocery store).  After 20 minutes and deciding it was definitely not worth it, suddenly it was our turn to approach the big guy. Except he wasn't so big.  And he was sweating profusely.  I wasn't about to let #1 or #2 sit on his lap so I intervened in the photo posing and arranged for the kids to stand on either side of him. During these few seconds my senses were offended by a most profound stench.  Santa + B.O. = GROSS! 

When that ordeal was over, I fought the crowds, pushing my obnoxiously unmaneuverable car-cart through the throngs of rabid deal-hungry shoppers to get my $.99 cheese (no limit!) and $.37 2 liter sodas.  When at last we pushed ourselves out of the store, I stopped for a moment to review my receipt and #1 frankly stated,"That was NOT Santa."  

Back at home, knowing I had a long Spouse-less night ahead of me I chose to indulge the children's request for some of that said $.37 2 liter soda.  I turned the cap and SPRAY! FIZZ!  EXPLODE! (this is why I usually only get cans).  In about 2.1 seconds 2.5 cups of lemon-lime sugar water had coated nearly every surface in my kitchen.  

Lesson learned: breaking out of my funk isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  I'll take my warm bed and fatty foods please.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hurry, there's still time!

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