Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cha cha cha changes

first day

I just sent #1 out the door to her last day of Kindergarten and I can't help but feel heavy with emotion. She has had a great year, full of success and accomplishment. She has grown and blossomed. I'm proud of her but I can't help but feel the significance of this passage of time.

A year ago I dreaded the change that school would make on our family and I wept at night thinking of my little one away from me for many hours of her day. I accept change and growth but I can't deny that I suffer in transitions.

Today I look back a little wiser but still feel for that person I was a year ago. Then I look at #1 and marvel at the metamorphosis that has begun.

Look with me:

A year ago she snuggled and displayed affection without reserve. Now her love comes in the form of well written notes and an occasional kiss or hug given without my begging.

A year ago she drank from sippy cups, needed help opening her applesauce or juice boxes, played with ponies and slept with her ducky. Today she independently serves her own food, plays school and still sleeps with her ducky.

A year ago she would sing and dance around the room uninhibitedly. Now I only hear her singing behind the closed door of her bedroom. If she is ever caught she immediately turns silly and would be SO embarrassed if I said anything about her singing.

A year ago I was the law and The source of all correct information. Now #1 challenges my information with what she hears in school or reads in books.

I am not lamenting these changes or wishing for old times. I'm just taking a moment to remember the chubby, furry caterpillar that my spectacular butterfly used to be.

Last week - sorry for the toilet shot

Friday, June 5, 2009

preschool prom

Usually I don't let my kids date until they're at least 7 or 8 but I had to make an exception for #2 who was asked to preschool prom by this sweet lass.

#2 is pure jock, typically uninterested in girlie things (unless you count what is underneath the mannequin's dress) so it was surprising that he allowed himself to be cuddled and then persuaded to dance the morning away in his sister's bedroom.

When his date's mother came to pick her up I told the mother how her daughter had declared #2 to be her boyfriend! Later, I found out from a reputable source that this girl's heart is inconstant - apparently she has a lot of 'boyfriends.'

And I thought I'd be spared this drama for at least another 3-4 years.

In full disclosure #2's heart has strayed as well. When I asked him who he was going to marry (completely confident he was going to say ME) he answered, Miss. F-----, #1's Kindergarten teacher. That same day I found him stroking a scantily clad chest in a Guess perfume magazine ad. Shocked, I asked him what he was doing and he only mumbled in a hypnotic voice, "oooooh. Miss F-----."