Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giblert Days Fun Run

Two days post-Thanksgiving feasting, (and still feasting!) my body is begging for some exercise and to slow down on the butter. Maybe now is a good time to post about healthier days!

Last month I mentioned to my kids that it was time to register for the Gilbert Days Family Fun Run and asked if they would be interested in participating again this year. The answer was yes!

A week ago yesterday was the big day. All three ran their hearts out and crossed the finish line with big smiles and their chins up.

Here is the Buster, who shaved almost two minutes from his time last year. What a champ! I think next year I'll run the 5K with him and see if I can keep up!

Next in, #3. I ran along side her and expected any minute for her to need a walking break, but it never happened. She plowed through the whole mile barely breaking a sweat. And yes, she most definitely is running in a skirt. What else would you expect from her?

Poor #1 had to learn a lesson on pacing the hard way. She shot out of the starting line at a full sprint and kept sprinting until she was out of breath and needed to walk in order to recover. After that she kept up a nice even pace and came in about 15 seconds after #3. I was so proud of her for persevering and pushing it until the end!

I'm loving our Gilbert Days Family Fun Run tradition. As I tried to convince Spouse to run it with us, he aptly pointed out that we needed him not to run so there was someone on camera duty at the finish line. Hmm. Good point.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Familial visits!

A week ago I happily hosted my Texas-inhabiting sister, Jess, and her daughter for the weekend. They arrived just in time to help #1 blow out her birthday candles (more on that later).

Although we did walk over to the local bouncy-place and then to ice-cream, we mostly stayed close to home where the kids could ride bikes outside or throw pretend surprise birthday parties inside. Jess and I talked. And talked. And talked.

I think Jess and I could live right next door to each other for the rest of our lives and always have something interesting to talk about.

That's mostly because Jess is a thinking, compassionate soul who notices and analyzes the world and it's people. Plus she's a great listener and just when I think I shouldn't say any more because I've already hogged the conversation too much, she wants to know my opinion about something else.

Photographic evidence:

Saturday we overdressed for #2's football game. By the 2nd half we were all sweating! I thought I'd try to get a good picture of #1 and her cousin, but #3 felt left out and, as you see, I never got that good picture.

#2 LOVES his cousin. He told her so in his sincere, straightforward way.

Not only is she an amazing sister, Jess is also an amazing aunt. She was patient and loving with my children, even though she saw the dark side of them when it was way past their bed times or too early in the morning.

As I mentioned earlier there was a birthday last week.

Quick! Let's play Two Truths and a Lie!

#1 is nine.

#1 is nine.

I'm not getting older.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, book reading, Lego building, cartoon drawing baby!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Evidence of sweetness

Life moves at a pretty brisk pace these days. Children included, we are all working hard and focused on what needs to be done.

It's all too easy to let time fly by me without pausing to enjoy the sweetness of this stage of our life.

Last week there were three moments that caused me to stop and smile and taste the sweetness.

Sitting with friends at the park #3 overheard me compliment my friend for always being so prepared. My praise included me telling her that she was "the best mom." A moment later, #3 put her face near my ear and whispered, "But I thought you were the best mom."

Way past the time I thought she had been asleep, #1 came bursting out of her room, ran into my room and jumped into bed next to me. She has never had an easy time expressing or admitting her feelings and it took her a while to explain that she had just read a sad part in her book (Dobby's death in Harry Potter, part 7) and just needed to be with someone while she felt so sad.

Our kids are very protective of their turns. When it was #2's turn to choose the song before evening family prayers, he generously (and unprompted) gave his turn over to his sister, #1 to let her pick.

These are tiny, almost insignificant moments. But added together, if I pay attention, they are the stuff that changes my job from a chore to blessing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November

Buster woke up this morning, stumbled into the kitchen and politely demanded turkey for lunch. "I've got ham. Or you can have pizza at school." Nope, only turkey would satisfy my boy. As much as my son loves Halloween candy, I think he loves his Thanksgiving turkey even more.

Before I turn my attention to turkey planning let me share with you some our Halloween joys:

This kitten, who sometimes was sweet and sometimes scary.

Tron. Dumbest movie ever made but my kids inexplicably love it. #1 and #2 decided to be "Tron people" for Halloween. Spouse took on the challenge. It was entertaining to watch his creative genius at work as he cut out and carefully applied the reflective tape to the kid's black clothes. #1 and #2 especially loved their 'identity discs.' As soon as #2 got suited up he immediately started slicing up invisible enemies.

Between our church party, school parties and the actual party of trick or treating, we reached new heights of candy collecting. Our house has never seen so much candy! It's actually kind of disgusting.

I'm with Buster on this one: bring on the turkey!