Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving highlights

It's hard not to feel a bit lonely on Thanksgiving when you aren't with any family. But over the years and many Thanksgivings apart from family, I've learned there are good things I can enjoy. 

Like, having Spouse home for a few days and getting him all to ourselves. 

Like, not having a set schedule.  When the food is ready, it's ready.  No stress.

Like, getting to spend one on one time with each of my kids during the long break from school.

Like, getting all the leftovers to ourselves.

See?  It's not so bad!

We had a pilgrim and a turkey as guests this year.

Some post dinner recreations:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 on the 10th

When I think about #1 turning 10 my heart bursts with equal parts of happy and sad.

I'm happy for the unique and wonderful person she is becoming.  She is hungry to learn; always reading something. It's nonfiction just as often as fiction.  She loves the natural world and wants to know about all of it from the cosmos down to the smallest bacteria.  She often calls my dad wanting to know the answer to biological questions that are beyond my scope, like, "How do fungi reproduce?".  

#1 is so earnest in wanting to do right and be truly good.  The standards she sets for herself are higher than the ones I expect of her.  She fasts two meals instead of the one that I suggest. Her definition of modest is stricter than mine.  We have talks about faith and believing and she asks really meaningful questions.   She's not afraid to test her faith by asking God for truth.

It is exciting to see her develop and to see the bright path that her potential offers.

However, I feel sadness when I think how the time has flown by, so slow yet so fast.  This year #1 lost all remnants of baby fat and has turned into a tall, thin, lovely young woman.  She doesn't sit on my lap anymore and her little munchkin voice is long gone.

It's a good sadness.

#1 received a new bike for her birthday.  She immediately took it out for a spin.

Too old for birthday cake. This 10 year old requested apple pie.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is it too late? Did I miss the acceptable Halloween posting period?

We took full advantage of Halloween this year: we partied all month long!

Our annual family Halloween party is always the first Friday of October.  #3 helped me make the cookies we would decorate. Also on the agenda: "Pop the Ghost" balloon game, a Halloween craft and a viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas.  (side note: sadly #1 is growing up and in a very kind way suggested that next year maybe we could watch something a little more mature).

I had set out bowls of candy for the cookie decorating, including a bowl of Resse's Pieces.  I had totally forgotten #3's little friend is allergic to peanuts!  Yes, I did.  And he ate one. It was awful. Fortunately he didn't get too sick (read: he didn't die or have to be taken to the hospital).  His mom called the next morning to let me know he was recovered and that he was sad to have missed the rest of the party.

By the way, his mom is still my friend. She hasn't stopped speaking to me. 

As evidenced in my previous post, my children Halloween-partied two more times in Utah with each of their grandmas.

The Friday prior to Halloween we attended yet another Halloween party hosted by a member of our ward.  Her backyard looked amazing: ghosts flying overhead, a haunted graveyard, a roaring fire. Hundred of people were invited and her yard was rockin' with dancing, a haunted house, tons of good food and lots of kids to run around with. 

Someday I will be the cool parent. (This is my mantra).

More Halloween parties at school:

Lastly, Halloween night itself.

Arrg, pirate family!

Pirate #1
Pirate #2

and their pirate cat

It was a great month because my children were excited and happy and loved getting into the Halloween-spirit.  But I was ready to be done.  By 10 am the next morning there wasn't a trace of Halloween left in our house.  (except maybe some candy. Ok, lots of candy).