Thursday, July 31, 2008

Post Vacation Let Down

So if you haven't noticed, I haven't posted "Week Four" of my four week vacation.  It did happen, and maybe when I get out of the rut I'm in I'll write a bit about it.  For now: it was great.

I'm in the midst of post vacation let down.  I've always been horrible at closure and transitions. I hate finality; of things ending.  I've cried myself to sleep for the past 3 Christmas nights. When I was young I cried when my cousins went home after a stay at our house.  And the first week of school I missed my mom and family so much it hurt.   Just thinking of things ending fills me with sad nostalgia.  Here I go, getting sad just writing about this.

After four weeks of sparse posting I've been desperate to find an interesting subject or incident to write about.  But this post vacation let down has made for a rather dull week.  So rather than wait for some excitement to come my way, I'm just going to completely bore you with some mundane trivialities.  

1)  Spouse is sure he (we) have Giardia or some other water-related parasite.  I did a bit of research on the subject and decided that I'm unwilling to turn in a "stool sample" just to undergo the tortuous treatment needed to get rid of the parasite.  I'll just have the Big D for 6 weeks thank you very much.  

2) School starts August 4th.  Well, one school does.  For all those holding their breaths waiting for my final decision, keep holding on because I'm still undecided.  Currently, we are enrolled in two schools and one online homeschool program.  Tick tick tick, the countdown to my daughter's doom is imminent.  

3) This week we've been enjoying the by-products of hanging out with cousins for a month.  #2) It's not fair!  #1) I can't stand it! #2) Neener neener neener.  #1) Rubber butt!  Me) SHUT UP!  

4) How much TV/movies/wii can a child watch in a week before turning into a vegetable?  This week we are out to set new records.  223 hours and counting and they are still breathing.  Speaking of TV, So You Think You Can Dance is going to be starting soon (no DV-R in this house! we'll get cell phones first) - better cut this short.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week Three

Week Three: The White Cloud Mountains

Who: Spouse, #1, mi madre y padre y hermanos y hermanas y dos uncles, aunts and 4 otros children

What: 5 mile hike to base camp; 2.5 mile day hike to high mountain Walker Lake (elevation 8,500); 14 miles total

When: Tuesday to Friday

Where: Near the East Fork of Salmon River in Idaho in the Sawtooth Mountain Range

View from our campsite. This glacial stream was ice cold and full of rainbow trout.

Not looking too bad after only one night. By the fourth day without showers we weren't lookin' so hot.

Who knew #1 was a closet pyromaniac?

#1 new best friend, my brother's dog Sammy

Spouse and #1 at Walker Lake. Brrrr. It was cold.

#1's first fishing experience revealed that she may be a future member of PETA. She thought it cruel and unusual.

View from the trail to Walker Lake. #1 was a hiking champ.

Spouse and Dr. Dallas (bro in law) pumping water through water filters.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Week Two

Week Two - Bear Lake

We vacationed with the In-Laws for a week at Bear Lake. Spouse flew in on Wednesday night to catch some of the action. Hooray! Spouse has 5 siblings, all with med-large families, and with only 3 condo units at the lake, a couple of us were lucky to stay in their 'cabin' in Logan Canyon, a 15 minute drive from the lake. But we didn't miss any of the fun.

All my kids loved the freezing water and playing in the sand. #1 palled around with her cousins and spent her shell-collecting prize money at the little store, buying lip gloss and suckers. Her older cousins painted her nails and doted on her like a pet. She ate it up.

The freedom of the beach was enough to satisfy #2. What more could a 3 year old boy wish for? Sand, water, a boat and no shirt. Oh yes, and unlimited soda and treats. Many of you are familiar with #2's adventures in potty-training and the beach proved to add one more learning experience. Spouse was approached by an irate woman who claimed #2 "took a leak" right in front of their beach space. Spouse replied, "Did you leave him a tip?" The woman was confused. "For the show." She was not amused. I'm sure she thought me a most neglectful mother.

#1 and cousins

Spouse and #2 at the 'cabin'

The 'cabin' was surrounded by these beautiful wild flowers. My mother in-law couldn't resist posing the kids for a picture. Isn't it beautiful?

Coming up: Week Three - Backpacking the White Clouds

Week One

Lest my faithful readers lose all hope of my return, I've finally acquired a computer to report upon my month's long retreat in the big U.T.

PS. Where was Spouse? Bringing home the bacon back in death valley, I mean AZ.

Week one was spent at my parent's home languishing in the shade and company of beloved family. Brother B.J.C. entertained #1, #2 and I on the lake for a day. #1 decided she was scared of the boat and spent the entire time curled up in the space below the driver's seat, excepting when the boat was still. #2 couldn't keep his hands off the steering wheel and practically jumped out of the boat several times. As for me, to put this mildly, I had the best ski since entering motherhood. Thanks B.J.C.

One afternoon I took the kids up the canyon to "hike" the river trail next to the Logan River. Our mileage probably totaled .45. However, at the end of the hike was a sweet treat: a swollen stream to wade through. Or fall into, as #2 did.

Fireworks on the eve of July 4th. Say what you will about small towns and their provincial celebrations, the fireworks show at Romney Stadium surpasses anything you'd think appropriate for a town this size. Of course, this is only possible because the largest fireworks manufacturer in the US happens to be in Cache Valley.

4th of July in Bear Lake. Just a day trip spent on the beach with cold sodas, chicken salad sandwiches, and a good uncle who helps the kids with their sandcastle.

Stay tuned for Week Two; A week in Bear Lake/Logan Canyon with the in-laws. And Spouse!