Sunday, March 24, 2013

Very much alive

It's been difficult to find time to sit at the computer for more than 2 minutes. I also have an infant and three other kids. And the dog ate my homework. Good excuses, right?

Well, no more from me! I've downloaded the Blogger app and I foresee easier and more frequent blog posting in our future. That is, if this test run is a success.

Even though I have a nice camera, and a new lens, I seem to be taking lots of random photos with my iPhone. In fact, my iPhone photos can pretty much tell the story of the past few months.

A successful Ragnar Relay, #1's spring tennis session, 3's foray into soccer and missing top teeth (unrelated), #2's Cub Scout fun run, Spring Break adventures, #4's chunky legs and attempts to crawl, and Spouse and Buster making his first pinewood derby car are among my iPhone photo gems.