Monday, November 29, 2010

Gilbert Days Fun Run

A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement for the Gilbert Days Fun Run and thought, "I don't want to run this." Then I saw they had a one mile race and thought, "I'm making my kids do this." Or maybe it was more like, "What a great opportunity to teach my kids about fitness and working towards a goal. They've seen me run a lot of races, maybe they would find it fun to run in one themselves."

#1 and #2 were both excited when I told them about the race. I warned them that after I paid the registration money there was no turning back, they had to commit to training and then trying their best in the race. They agreed.

The intensive training period lasted three weeks. A few times a week we ran distances on the canal trail behind our house. We practiced jogging rather than trying to sprint the entire way. We talked about how we weren't running to win, just running to do our best.

I was nervous that our training would become something mean mom was making them do, but for the most part they were eager to do "race practice."

We picked up their race packets a few days before the race. They tried on their t-shirts and were impressed with their real racing bib numbers.

It wasn't until we were driving to the park where the race was held that #1 noticed I wasn't wearing running clothes. "Aren't you running with us mom?" Nope, they didn't need me. They were ready.

Here are the pictures from the race:

Heading over to the starting line

Lined up and ready to run. Some people tie their shoes when they are nervous, others pick their noses.

That's #2 right in the middle of the picture. This is about the 1/4 mile mark. Final time: 10:20

Go #2! She's nearing the finish line. Final time: 11:05

I was so proud of these kids! But more importantly they were proud of themselves. I think they felt like rockstars at the after-race party. People were handing them Jamba Juices and Chic Fil A, and goodie bags full of fun stuff.

Are you wondering why I didn't run?

Not pregnant if that's what you're thinking.

I was just trying to store all my fat for Thanksgiving the next week.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I am writing this in my parent's warm attic, the snow is piled up outside and it is very, very cold. Yesterday the town was buzzing with talk about the storm to end all storms that was to hit last night. School was cancelled, businesses closed. The radio was instructing people to find their flashlights, blankets and to stay huddled in one room to keep warm in case the power went out.

We have Christmas music playing (my mom's new Celtic Woman Christmas album) and serious baking is underway. I am still in my pajamas and just loving being home for Thanksgiving.

Besides turkey tomorrow I am also looking forward to Saturday when we will baptize #1. I keep waking up at night with panicky thoughts. Have we prepared her well enough? Is there anything we forgot? Commandments? Check (I think). Laws and Ordinances of the gospel? Check (I think). Testimony and faith in Jesus Christ? Check (I think).

Have you heard about the adventure we had driving up here? Eightteen hours. Eightteen hours! Through blizzards and over ice and through scary, unplowed snowy canyons. Yikes! We are grateful to be here, alive.

I am grateful for a lot. God has blessed me and my family in many ways, large and small.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big milestone; firstborn turns 8!

Warning: don't watch on full screen. Blogger was really stingy with allowable MB and the movie had to be seriously condensed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Can there be too much?


No, I say there cannot.

The world is short exactly 200 million gallons of pesto.

Me and my little desert garden are doing our best to keep the world pesto production moving forward.

Let's do the math.

I have 10 basil plants.

Each plant will produce around 12 cups of basil leaves.

10 x 12 = lots of pesto

lots of pest0 = Merry Christmas to me!

Now, if only I could plant one of those money trees.....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Write Up

Jack and Sally Pumpkins

We had Cleopatra, (wingless) Tinkerbell and Anakin. Did you know Cleopatra murdered some of her siblings? Not my Cleopatra, the real one.

Unlike last year, where she cowered and clung to my leg all night, Tinkerbell thoroughly enjoyed all the Halloween festivities. She got into the Halloween spirit this year. She memorized and loved to sing "5 Little Pumpkins" and even arranged her own Halloween version of "Happy Family." It went something like this:

I scare Ghostey, he scares me.
We scare Pumpkin, yes siree.
He scares us and so you see,
We are a scary Halloween!

Pretty clever, huh?

Halloween falling on a Sunday really messed things up for Anakin. He has never been too good with chronology or time references. So when Halloween came and went without any real trick or treating, he was very disoriented. For several days after Halloween passed, he still was asking me in the morning, "Today we are going trick or treating?" Poor kid.

I was quite surprised when Cleopatra brought home a note from school stating that her class was going to have a Halloween party. Not a fall festival. Not a pumpkin party. There was no permission slip or alternate activity. Just a good, ole fashioned REAL Halloween party. They got to wear costumes and everything! It was great and Cleopatra was very beautiful.

Unlike the other kids who were a little sad to take down the Halloween decorations, she was rather stoic about it. When I asked her why she didn't care, she just shrugged her shoulders, "Eh, my birthday is in like 9 days and that's better than Halloween anyway." That's my practical girl!

Anakin's classroom Halloween party included cookie decorating.