Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good things this week

Good thing 1
Baby E attended her first story time for babies at the library. She clapped, giggled and bounced right on cue - cutest thing in the world! 

Good thing 2
Buster made a catch in the end zone, scoring the final points in his team's winning flag football game!

Good thing 3
#1 and I were enjoying dinner together at a yummy yuppy-ish sort of joint when the lady at the next table leaned over and got our attention, gesturing towards #1.

"Excuse me, are those highlights natural? They are? Women pay a lot of money to have their hair look like that.

"You know, I have 12 and 14 year old sons and I am always trying to point out what true beauty looks like. It looks just like you."

Isn't that the kindest compliment? It certainly made #1's night. 

Good thing 4
Spouse took #3 to get her ears pierced! My sensitive little kitten thought it was the most painful experience ever, "almost as bad as shots!" But she's so happy to have sparkly pink butterflies adorning her ears.

I love this photographic journal (by Spouse) sequencing her experience.

Is this going to hurt?

The calm before the storm



(state of shock)

I made it? And I have earrings?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Enjoying it!

The other day, as #1 gave me her home-from-school-hug she commented, "Wow, Mom.  Our house is really dirty.  We need to clean."

Since I had spent my morning sweeping and scrubbing I knew our house was in fact, NOT dirty.  But as I looked around I had to admit #1 had a point.  Across the kitchen floor there were plastic food container lids, cookie cutters and a few board books.  The family room was scattered with blocks, shapes, puzzle pieces and plastic rings.  Behind me in the playroom the little grocery-cart was tipped over with at least 59 pieces of play-food spilling out of its basket.  I was also pretty sure that my bathroom floor was still covered in Q-tips and various plastic bottles of beauty goods. 

At that moment it became official: Baby E's infant-hood was over.  Toddler-hood has begun. 

And just to rub it in, she turned one last week.

{How could she do that to me?  Doesn't she know she's my baby?}

I'm learning the wisdom of the last baby: just enjoy it.  That's why I don't notice the mess or why I don't mind picking it up several times a day.  I'm enjoying watching her make a fantastic mess of herself at every meal.  I'm enjoying the slow days where we don't leave the house because of her napping schedule.  I'm enjoying chasing her down the halls at church.

I've learned something in these nearly 11 years of young motherhood.  It doesn't last, infant-hood, toddler-hood. Each stage is so temporary, there's no reason to worry or stress. The house will be clean again someday. I will be fit again someday.  I will leave the house again someday.   (I wish I could have whispered that into my 25 year old ears.)

And now, Baby E at 12 months:

She is truly a happy and easy going baby.  Highly curious, loves to get into things, watches how things work and solves problems. She loves zurbers on her belly and neck; my little piggy on her toes.

She has learned to wave hello and goodbye and to give kisses.  She claps and bops to the beat of music; walks around our house babbling and making sing-song noises.  She loves to turn the pages of her books, pointing at pictures.

Baby E is a busy body, always on the go.  Sad for me, she's too busy for snuggles and cuddles. She loves it when the older kids come home from school and is known to shriek in excitement when she hears them coming.

True to last baby fashion, her birthday was a small affair.  A few balloons hung by an insistent sister and cupcakes shared with siblings.  I realized that I hadn't even taken a good picture of her lately let alone a nice, professional 12 month picture like my other children enjoyed.

No mom guilt though.  I'm just enjoying it, right?

enjoying some of her presents

Is it possible to take a nice picture with four kids?  No, it is not.
"Thank you, mom for having me and making me nice cupcakes.  I really enjoyed the frosting."
This isn't a birthday picture, but it just makes me smile. It's her first time in a swing and her face is so funny scrunched up like that.  Plus, it kind of looks like she's swinging in the nude.  I love her fat legs and chubby arms.