Friday, June 7, 2013

Its Summer!

Summer! Arizona summers are not to be compared with what most people experience. Summers here are very long, dangerously hot and quite difficult. Considering the circumstances (four kids at home, 110 degree heat outside, tiny house) we are doing OK.

Way back in May, we celebrated the end of school with an extended weekend trip to St. George to meet up with some of Spouse's family.

Warm, red rocks were explored.  The kids marinated their school weary bones in a cold pool for hours on end.  Baby showed off her thickening thighs and high speed crawling to adoring grandparents and cousins.  We surrounded ourselves in relaxation and love of family.

Lest you think our lives are all sunshine and unicorns (stole that one from Spouse), we also enjoyed one serious case of explosive diarreahea from one child who shall not be named on the 8 hour drive home to the desert. We left a trail of spoiled underpants in roadside gas station bathrooms.

Since returning we are attempting to accomplish a few daily academic pursuits, a few domestic chores and lots of reading and imaginitive play.

Baby is getting used to the constant noise and commotion of having all of her siblings home at once.  The first week she clung to me like a spider monkey. 

#3 just completed her two week session of swim lessons.  She says she is ready for swim team next summer.  She had her first piano lesson last week and has practiced her simple drills with much seriousness and concentration. 

Being cooped up is difficult for #2.  He's like a puppy scratching at the back door, needing to be let out. Despite the heat he rides laps on his bike around the block.  Basketball camp next week should help.  

#1 thrives at home in the summer.  She loves to be able to read all she wants and sleep later in the morning.  She relishes her position as Queen Organizer  (or Boss) of play and fun. #2 and #3 (almost) always defer to her imagination and leadership.  She has been my life/sanity saver, since I can leave one or two of the kids with her so I can grocery shop or run an errand without having to pack up the whole crew. 

Summer doesn't mean much to Spouse; his schedule and daily life go on as normal.  One happy change is that the children's later bedtime means that they are all awake when he gets home and get to enjoy his company for an hour or two. 

 Me? This summer is making my school year life seem like a vacation. But all is how it ought to be and despite the noise and chaos, we are happy to be tucked in our tiny (now very messy), (but air conditioned!) house together.


mandy said...

always a perfect perspective!!

Katie said...

Such pretty photos and words! I will always be in awe of those red rocks against that blue sky...not matter how many times I visit this part of our state.