Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello? Guys?? I'm still in here!

 When I was in high school my brothers, dad and I and sometimes other members of our family would race to the lake after work to fit in a water ski before dark.  We were always the last boat on the water getting the last of the perfect summer night glassy water.  But once it was too dark to see it was a race to get the boat out of the water, dried off and covered. We each had our job to do and we worked quickly together but somehow Brother Brig often ended up inside the boat while we were snapping the cover into place.  We would hear a muffled and pleading, "Uh, hello?!? Guys? I'm still in here!"

Dear friends, I've been an absent blogger. Not one single update in the year 2014. There were some hard times.  And some great times.  I had to let some things go. This blog and my weight, to name a couple.

But, guys! I'm still here!

In January, we rang in the new year with best friends then toured the zoo. We built lots of Lego creations and learned to eat with a fork.

 In February we turned 9 and celebrated with visits from beloved grandmothers.  We also celebrated the opening and dedication of the Gilbert Temple.

In March we hunted eggs in the park. Or maybe it was April?

 In May we turned 7. With school's ending we started swim team and lots of TV snuggling.

 In June we dressed in our best.
 July found us in Utah for a month of family, mountains, lakes, cabins, hikes, and lots of ice cream.

 In August we started 6th, 4th and 2nd grade and danced in the rain. And started football.

We also turned 2!
 In September we read books with Dad and waited for the earth to cool. We also played lots of football.
 In October we invited friends to our Halloween party. We also played lots of football.

In November we turned 12. And finally played our final games of football!

 We had a most happy December, celebrating Christmas in our new house. Recitals, parties, friends, family and good food filled us up.

Here's to a new year! I plan on reading some good books, making delicious food, being a better friend and human and ridding our family of diapers forever!

Happy New Year to you dear friends!


Katie Monson said...

Oh, it makes my heart so happy to see this. I was not prepared for how much older your kids look! And Elsa...that hair!! Love you, love your adorable family.

Tara and Brigham said...

Yay! I'm so glad that I decided to check the blog after way too many months, otherwise I may have never seen this. I, like you, did not update once in 2014! First, I laughed out loud at your opening paragraph. I'm going to have to ask him about that when he gets home today. ;) Second, I almost didn't recognize Aspen in that picture with Wesley! She's slimmed down just a little. ;) Haha. Loved the post! Great to see you all! :)

mandy said...

yay for updates... keep them coming!!!