Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a fond farewell to 2012

2012 was the year of the baby.  It seems like everything revolved around growing, preparing for, or adjusting to our sweet #4.  Despite not being fond of being sick or getting fat, a baby-centered year was just what our family needed; it was a happy year.

January: I was in the throes of sickness.  Even looking at our pictures from this time give me that familiar gross feeling.  I didn't want to smell, touch or eat anything. And I was exhausted.  One weekend Spouse managed to get me off the couch and take us all to Goldfield, an old mining ghost town. 

February: My boy turned 7 and hosted a bike rally birthday party. We enjoyed fresh carrots from our garden.

 March: I started to see light at the end of Sick Tunnel.  We enjoyed feeding the calves at Shamrock Farm and #3 began swimming lessons.

 April: Ahh! Sweet relief.  I felt great! And my hair, I was loving my thick, full maternity hair.  I ate all the Easter candy I wanted without feeling sick.  We enjoyed #2's baseball games.

May: My #3 turned 5. The kids said goodbye to their teachers.  We enjoyed Memorial Day in St. George, UT.

June: Too hot, too tired to take pictures.  #1 and #2 enjoyed not learning anything in diving lessons. I was getting bigger.  Much bigger.

July: Utah! My swollen ankles and wrists cried for joy at the cooler temperatures.  The children loved playing with cousins, boating, backpacking, playing on the beach of Bear Lake.  I enjoyed the cool leather while I lay immobile on my mom's couch

August: Back to school for #1 and #2. First day of Kindergarten for #3! The baby count down began. I laid on the couch and didn't get up until the blessed day #4 put me out of my misery and joined our family, August 29th.

September: A blur.

October: We spent our Fall Break enjoying an Utah autumn and blessing our new babe surrounded by grandparents, cousins, sisters and brothers.  Our home was taken over by pirates at Halloween.

November: #4 really started to get cute.  Maybe its because she started sleeping through the night regularly. My dear #1 turned ten and grew even more beautiful and precious.

December: This Christmas was one to remember.  Having a baby at Christmastime makes the season even more special to me.  There's nothing like a live babe in the manger, right? We dashed up to snow and bitter cold temperatures to ring in the new year with our family and fireworks over the snow. Sledding, cousins and eating icicles is pretty much the greatest thing for a seven year old boy who seems impervious to the cold.

Looking forward:  In 2013 I intend to become addicted to my new iPhone, learn to run again, and say yes to my kids as much as I can (to sort of make up for being a blob last year).

Happy New Year!


Katie Monson said...

Look at you go! Love the year in review. Now just keep it up...I am missing my blogging buddies! (Not that I am doing much better...) Miss you!

Erin A said...

That's a great recap of the year! I always enjoy looking back over the year and remembering events that I'd already forgotten by December!