Sunday, January 20, 2013

Updates on #4 @ 4.5 months

#4 has not received adequate attention on this blog and I mean to remedy that right now!

I'm sure I've told many of you this before: my experience with #4 is the newborn experience I always wanted.  It's what I grew up thinking motherhood was like.  Of course all my children are special to me and equally loved, but I was pretty stressed out and inexperienced with #1. Then with #2 and #3 I was adding babies to babies, diapers to diapers, car seats to car seats.  It was hard work, all the time.  With a five year gap between #3 and #4, I am loving having 3 older, independent children who can help!  I'm experienced enough to know when to worry and when to put down the broom and snuggle my babe. 

As if that weren't enough, #4 is a dream. She sleeps from 7 to 7 and has for months. She is mild and happy and loves the heaps of attention she gets.  How did I get so lucky?

If I've learned anything after 10 years of motherhood it's this: #4 is a blessing from God.  She isn't wonderful because I made her wonderful. She isn't a good baby because I'm a good mom.  I just really lucked out.

#4's developmental stage is so fun right now.  She is interacting with us, laughing, jabbering, blowing raspberries. She responds to her name and recognizes familiar songs.  She has tried applesauce and loves warm bowls of rice cereal. 

I could butter on her fat rolls and eat them for lunch.

I know there are tough times ahead. She'll teeth and get her first ear infection.  She's learn the art of the temper tantrum. She'll scare me with pennies and crayons in her mouth and not too far down the road we'll lament the permanent bruising on her forehead as she starts to walk. 

But she's our last babe and I'm going to try to love every day of it. 


Erin A said...

This post makes me sigh. I can understand exactly the feelings your expressed!

Jacqui said...

Oh she is precious. I was pondering your blog title. I don't think you really are the ultimate wannabe. Your blessings are crazy huge. And she is a big one, isn't she? I don't think you wannabe--I think you are. And you're good at it, too.

Rachel said...

She's so beautiful. Enjoy this time with her!

Tara and Brigham said...

Oh I just love her! :)

mandy said...

she is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delaps said...

Your baby is so sweet!

moomycoz said...

She is everything you said she is - pure joy.