Friday, November 15, 2013

My sweet #1 turns 11

This is back when she had all her baby teeth.

My #1 turned 11.

I feel like I'm a pretty good mom to young children.  Or that over the years I've learned how to become one. But I don't know anything about mothering maturing young ladies. (I couldn't even bring myself to write a sentence with the word puberty.)

I've been reading about the changes in the brain that start around #1's age and continue for the next decade.  Holy cow! I hope I can keep my hands and arms inside the ride at all times. 

To balance the fear and shock of change, let me tell you some of the bright side of my maturing young lady.

#1 is funny.  She has a quirky, smarty-pants, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor.  It catches me off guard and makes me laugh.  She recently created a 16 page comic book about an Osprey.  It was hilarious!  One scene involved Aunt Turkey leaving Thanksgiving dinner in tears.  The dialogue bubble reading, "My poor husband, waaaaaah!" Spouse and I stayed up late reading and rereading some of the funniest parts; we were genuinely entertained.

No cake for this babe. As requested, we stuck candles in a dutch apple pie.

#1 started playing the bass in her school strings class and takes a lesson at ASU each Saturday. It's amazing how much she's learned in just a few months.  I love the rich, low notes that fill our home every afternoon while she practices.  It's beautiful.

#1 is rocking it in her ALP math class. I'm happy that Spouse's math genes played the dominant role in this child.  I feel smarter just being related to this pretty, little math nerd. (And I mean that with the greatest admiration, I wish I were a math nerd.)

Free babysitting!!! She's responsible, trustworthy and a good leader.  Baby E loves and responds to #1 like she's the second mother.  #1 loves that she can opt out of tagging along to #2's football practice because she can stay at home alone now. 

To summarize: I'm scared about the upcoming years because I don't know if I'm going to be a good enough mother.  But I love seeing #1's personality and identity emerging and I'm honored (and very, very humbled) to be her guide.

No party this year. We celebrated with bowling and lunch with her BFF.  Sadly, #1 got her bowling skills from her mom.  Our scores added together didn't hit 100.


DKAZ said...

I hope #1 had a great birthday! She is a sweet girl with a sharp wit and humor to boot. Q is so lucky to have such a good friend!

Tara and Brigham said...

Happy Birthday! And for what it is worth, I think you are and will continue to be an amazing mom! :)