Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The October that got away

It is no coincidence that just as the outside temperature became livable our family life kicked into high gear. There's something about not sweating 24 hours a day that invigorates you, that makes you want to say, Yes I can!, instead of, No, it's too darn hot.  That makes for a busy month and lots of fun times.

We journeyed to Utah for the kid's Fall break. A week of cousins, Grandmas, no homework and sweatshirts was just what the doctor ordered.

Grandma J hosted a Halloween party where dress ups are a must. Painting pumpkins, tasty treats and looking for the lost bag of prizes made for a happy afternoon.

Nana organized a Fall Scavenger hunt that had my children and their cousins running (actually, they were taxied by willing mothers) around town taking pictures of silly things like, singing a Primary song for someone at the Tabernacle, running a lap at the high school track, and posing on the blue bulls on Main Street.  The final task before heading home for hot chocolate and donuts, was to find four pumpkins hidden among the fallen leaves in Green Canyon.

As my children grow our annual family Halloween party has morphed from a casual cookie-decorating-and-movie evening into a full fledged event that I actually have to plan and invite people.  The trouble is definitely worth it as the party is something the children look forward to and are happy to help plan and prepare for. 

After a ward trunk-r-treat, classroom parties, and pumpkin carving, by the time Halloween night rolled around I was sick of Halloween. But my kids were raring to go.  I accompanied a Viking warrior, a medieval knight and a "pop star dementor" around the neighborhood as they begged for candy. 

I'm in Halloween recovery.  To cope I've eaten approximately 23 Reese Peanut Butter cups in the last 7 days.  I have a problem.

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mandy said...

last year I threw a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids... in honor of your tradition that I was missing. this year, I just missed you and ditched the party. :)