Tuesday, February 26, 2013

baptism review

The day of Buster's baptism he woke up early and excited and asked how soon he could put on his white jumpsuit.  "After breakfast" couldn't come soon enough for him.  He put that thing on and danced around the house, happy as can be, unable to contain his excitement.

We got to the chapel 10 minutes early and as our family arrived, Buster greeted as many as he could with tight hugs and high fives.

He sat through the talks by his cousin and uncle with anticipation and sprang from his chair when it was time to get wet.

After the ordinance prayer and when it was time for immersion, Buster jumped up, causing Spouse to have push him down into the water.  It was funny to watch and even funnier that his feet never made it under.  There was a redo.

Buster immerged from the changing room in his new suit and white shirt, his grin a mile wide.  He looked perfect to me.

Not long afterwards, out in the parking lot I found him racing around, chasing his cousins.  He tripped, hard, skidding to a stop.  I heard 5 aunts gasp with me as we expected to see holes in the knees of the new suit pants and possibly a few tears or at least a sad face.  But he popped up, pants in tact, dusted off his scraped up hands and kept running. 

During our luncheon I lost count of how many bottled root beers Buster consumed.  Its his favorite beverage and I wasn't going to slow him down on his special day. 

A few days later, back at home in AZ, a while after I had tucked him in and turned off the light, I heard murmurs coming from his bedroom. I cracked the door and found him huddled under blanket with his night light, reading from his new, engraved scriptures. 

What a kid.


Tara and Brigham said...

Such a fun day :) Glad we could be there!

Katie Monson said...

you're making me cry. love him, the Buster.

mandy said...

one word: dapper!
i will be showing kindin this photo and i'll begin plans for a wedding between this dapper buster and my missy mae!

Rachel said...

What a handsome, happy boy. And a beautiful family!

BigEd said...

Crazy how fast they grow. What a great kid. Lucky parents!

DKAZ said...

Cute Buster! Love that family picutre too.

SRSJ said...

Glad we were able to come up and be part of his special day!! He is a great kid!!!

moomycoz said...

It was a great day and he is just such a lovable kid. Those pictures are priceless.